Who are we?

We are group of individuals who care and take real actions to preserve and develop our local heritage: art, culture, and historical.

Our first program entitled “Save the O. G. Khouw Mausoleum” is on going. On May 2nd, 2010 we took our first step of “Bakti Royong Musoleum O. G. Khouw” (bakti royong means together contributing) to clean and protect the mausoleum. The next “bakti royong” was held on June 6 2010, July 10 2010, and October 10 2010.

On June 20, 2o10 we launched our second subprogram: “Friends of the O. G. Khouw Mausoleum”. This soft launching (open house) provided guests with fun and unique entertainment such as mausoleum and cemetery tour, high tea, and tarot reading!

Our vision:

  1. to preserve art, culture, and historical heritage of Indonesia by doing real and profound actions
  2. to develop care and love for the Indonesian heritage within our society

“Whatever it is – I encourage people to not just sit around and complain about issues. Lean into the discomfort and go fearlessly into the shadows and do something about it. We don’t lack ideas. In fact, we’re swimming in solutions. What our world needs are a few million more volunteers.”

~ Jason Mraz ~

Join us with this mission!

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